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Bipolar Australia is delighted to introduce our new CEO, Eileen McDonald

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

From the founding of Bipolar Australia Eileen has been involved as part of the Bipolar Australia Advisory Committee, contributing to the development of Bipolar Australia, its resources and as a speaker and Representive.

Eileen has over 40 years demonstrated expertise and leadership in Australia and internationally in community, educational and clinical sectors, including international humanitarian, human rights and social justice projects, disability, health and mental health in systemic policy reforms, co designing / co-producing guidelines, frameworks, research and contributing to publications. She is an experienced presenter in national and international conferences and workshops.

She is from a multicultural family, has lived in urban and regional and rural Australia and has qualifications in Counselling, Dance Movement Therapy, Supervision, Education and Training and Peer Work. Eileen has extensive governance training and experience and has served on Boards of Directors, governance groups and executive roles of not-for-profit organisations.

Eileen is dedicated to improving lives for everyone affected by Bipolar Conditions, all mental health, health and disability conditions; through working to eliminate stigma and discrimination and embedding the diversity of lived experience consumer and family, friend and kin carer leadership and involvement into all aspects of mental health, health and disability policy, services and research with authentic partnership with policy makers, workforce, services, clinicians and researchers to improve outcomes.

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