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Staying Connected

There are lots of ways you can be socially connected to the people in your life while still staying physically distant. This page contains links to apps and services that you can use to connect with the people in your life, and access appropriate support for bipolar.

Your safety and privacy is important when you are online. Always remember to keep your personal information private, and ensure that you do not enter into personal or financial relationships with new people you meet online.

For more tips about online safety, please visit the eSafety Commissioner’s COVID-19 information hub.

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Video Communication Apps

Video conferencing allows you to talk face to face with others over the Internet. Some of the apps which you may find useful are:

Facebook Messenger

All features are free


Some business features are paid e.g. customer service, else it’s free

Google Hangouts

Paid only for large group meetings more than 25 people.


Only long calls (over 40 minutes) with more than 2 people are paid


Paid only for calls to people who don’t use skype e.g. home phones

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Apps for socialising with friends

There are lots of fun and creative things that you can do with your family and friends using the Internet. Websites and services that you may wish to use include:

Netflix Party

Allows groups of people to watch movies and TV shows together

Random Trivia Generator

Provides six categories of trivia questions every time you visit

Playing Cards

Play classic board games like Checkers, Go Fish, and Cards Against Humanity (called “Remote Insensitivity” due to licensing issues)

Words with friends

Allows two people to play a game similar to Scrabble

Free Bingo Cards Generator

Make your own Bingo cards

Online Support for Bipolar

Online forums provide opportunities to ask questions about challenges you may be facing, and socialise with others who understand. Some forums which you may wish to join include:

Learning mindfulness can help you to improve your mood, and feel more connected to your environment. The Smiling Mind app is a free tool you can use to practice mindfulness techniques using your smartphone or table.

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