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Terms of Use

Bipolar Australia Limited (ABN 35 169 187 517) Website Usage Terms and Conditions



The information presented on this website has been collated by Bipolar Australia for the purpose of providing general information to the community about bipolar disorder, our organisation, and products and services related to the treatment and management of bipolar disorder and related health conditions.

This information is provided free of charge as a public resource, and as such Bipolar Australia does not provide any warranties, sureties or guarantees to the end-user regarding such material, including, without limitation, its accuracy, timeliness, reliability, or relevance to particular personal circumstances.

We recommend that every consumer, carer, professional, or other end-user who considers treatment or management options, listed and/or linked products or services, and any other information presented on this website, and in any websites linked to from this website, undertake such consideration with appropriate care and attention. In particular, the information presented and/or linked to does not constitute advice, endorsement, or recommendation by Bipolar Australia regarding particular personal or medical circumstances. Material and services should be carefully and continuously evaluated independently, with particular regard being paid toward likely efficacy in the circumstances of the individual(s) involved.

Much of the information presented on our website is a summary of what is often highly complex subject matter and does not necessarily reflect the specific views of Bipolar Australia or the individual authors. Information presented herein is not intended to be, and should never be relied upon as, a substitute for professional medical advice by a competent psychiatrist or other professional appropriate to the circumstances. Every end-user who consults the resources available on our website should always obtain appropriate professional advice relevant to their particular circumstances, regardless of the apparent relevance or accuracy of the information we have collated, summarised or provided.


The material on our website may from time to time incorporate or republish the views or recommendations of third parties. These views and recommendations do not necessarily reflect the views of Bipolar Australia, and under no circumstances should they be regarded as advice regarding specific individual cases.


The Bipolar Australia website, and related social media profiles operated by Bipolar Australia and/or its agents, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus, may contain links to other websites and social media profiles that are not maintained by Bipolar Australia. Bipolar Australia does not exercise any direct or indirect control over these linked resources, and is not responsible for their content or for future changes to such content which may, without limitation, materially alter the nature of such resources.


The provision of hyperlinks to external websites and social media profiles does not constitute an endorsement of any materials, individuals, organisations, products, or services linked to. Bipolar Australia does not control, maintain, or influence the content, efficacy, professionalism, or reliability of such third party resources, and is not responsible for loss, damage, inconvenience, injury, sickness, or death that arises from their use or misuse. End-users must exercise appropriate care when examining any material, individual, organisation, product, or service, including, without limitation, remaining aware of the generally accepted medical norms regarding treatment options for bipolar disorder, practitioner registration requirements, and the stated aims of particular authors, service providers, or practitioners.



Bipolar Australia utilises a range of industry-standard technologies to guard against unauthorised access to and use of its website. However, users should be aware that despite our efforts there is still a low to medium risk of sustaining damage or loss from a computer virus, being the victim of personal information and/or health information theft and/or unauthorised disclosure, and suffering material or reputational losses due to the interception and/or modification of unsecured transmissions between client devices and our website.

Bipolar Australia further does not warrant or represent that the material on our website is free from defects and will in all circumstances not cause damage or other loss to end users.


Bipolar Australia accepts no liability for any changes, damage, or losses relating to an end user’s computer system, software, or personal data which results from the connection to or use of this website, the accessing of any materials published therein, or the accessing of any external resources. Users are strongly advised to take adequate steps to secure their computer systems and personal data, including by installing current commercial antivirus software, keeping the operating system updated, and regularly backing up important data.


Bipolar Australia is not liable to any end user with regards to any loss or damage, however caused, which results from the accessing this website, the material presented on this website, the social media profiles maintained by Bipolar Australia, or external resources linked to.


Social media platforms

Bipolar Australia utilises various social media platforms as a way of reaching out to the public, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Share This, and Google Plus. Any content which is delivered to users of these social media platforms which was not authored by Bipolar Australia, including materials summarised, linked to, shared, or republished, whether in whole or in part, are solely the responsibility individuals or organisations which originally submitted them and do not necessarily represent the views of Bipolar Australia. Bipolar Australia does not control, and is not responsible for, content which third parties publish, distribute, disseminate, or otherwise transmit through social media platforms.


Bipolar Australia Limited, its staff, volunteers, agents and contractors, accept no liability for any loss, damage, injury, sickness, or death arising from or in any way related to, the use or misuse of information published on social media platforms, including, without limitation, its accuracy, timeliness, reliability, or relevance to particular personal circumstances.


Every end user who accesses resources available through social media, including, without limitation, material published, summarised, or shared by Bipolar Australia, should always remember that it is necessary to obtain appropriate professional advice relevant to their particular circumstances, regardless of the apparent relevance or accuracy of the information they have accessed.



Visitors are reminded that both the Bipolar Australia website and social media platforms are public spaces on the internet, and that many interactions are publicly visible and can be searched by third parties.


Bipolar Australia has a privacy policy which can be viewed here. This policy applies to information collected by our organisation via our website in relation to resources which are not intended to be made accessible to the general public as generally available publications. However, many of the services on our website, including, without limitation, comments, user registration, events registration, and service reviews, may be publicly accessible in a manner similar to the White Pages. Contributing to or utilising these services may expose your personal information in a manner which is not covered by our privacy policy.


Social media platforms utilised and linked to by Bipolar Australia publish their own policies regarding the collection, usage and management of personal information. Bipolar Australia has no control over these policies, and recommends that end users familiarise themselves with the policies of each social media platform before utilising these services.


Comments policy

Bipolar Australia reserves the right to edit, moderate, or remove comments, posts, reviews, or other user-submitted content from any website resource it controls, including, without limitation, the Bipolar Australia website and Bipolar Australia social media profiles, if such content appears, in the sole judgement of Bipolar Australia, to be unlawful, defamatory, slanderous, discriminatory, obscene, or offensive, or, alternatively, if such content appears to constitute harassment, vilification, suicide promotion, anti-psychiatry propaganda, copyright infringement, invasion of privacy, or intellectual property infringement.


When contributing your views to the Bipolar Australia website or social media profiles, please ensure that you take appropriate measures to protect your personal privacy, such as refraining from posting private contact information, and only post material that is relevant to the particular discussion or content.

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