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World Bipolar Day

World Bipolar Day is a day for connection, outreach and coming together in solidarity around the goal of increasing awareness, acceptance and funding for bipolar disorder.  


Blow Bubbles for Bipolar

Our core initiative is Blow Bubbles for Bipolar, which gives everyone affected by the condition a fun and easy activity that can be used to celebrate the occasion with colleagues, friends, and family. We chose bubbles because people with bipolar who become manic are often described as “bubbly” personalities, while watching the bubbles crash back down represents the depressive phase of the condition. The recovery journey that people embark upon when they get help is symbolised by the rainbow that can be seen when a group blows enough bubbles together.

World Bipolar Day is coming up on March 30th. We at Bipolar Australia thought it would be a great opportunity to do something fun and creative while showing your interest and support for those with bipolar disorder. It is an international initiative to stop the stigma attached to bipolar and acts as a celebration of recovery. The day creates a space for discussion and awareness surrounding bipolar disorders. As such, we would like to invite you to participate in our Bipolar Bubbles Challenge!


Show your support for those affected by Bipolar Disorder


Help end the stigma and bring awareness to over 2.9% Australians with the condition


Celebrate that recovery is possible with a fun activity


Join the Bipolar Bubble Challenge


All you need to do is get creative making some bubbles. (Warning: We suggest taking it to grassy areas or putting down some towels as it could get slippery).


Blow bubbles, make bubbles, have a bubble bath (bonus hygiene points), get silly, get creative, anything you can come up with, big or small. You could even pop open a bottle of bubbly, it’s a celebration after all!


Then share a pic or a video of the bubbly fun to your socials with the hashtag #BipolarBubbles and you’re done!


Susana Bluwol Blowing Bubbles for Bipolar in 2018 with former Minister for Health and Aged Care The Hon Greg Hunt MP, former Minister for Indigenous Australians The Hon Ken Wyatt AM MP, and former Prime Minister The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP.

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Social distancing and isolation is difficult to practice and for those with mental health issues it can potentially exacerbate symptoms. Just remember, you don’t have to be an expert on the condition to reach out and listening without judgement is one of the greatest helps. Think about the people in your life that could use your support during this time. Even a phone call can make a huge difference for someone’s well-being.

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