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VISIBLE Study - Participants Needed

The liVed experIence of cognitive difficultieS In BipoLar, depression and psychosEs (VISIBLE) survey is an international, online survey seeking to understand more about the thinking skill experiences of people with bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and schizophrenia spectrum disorders.

If you have one of these mental health conditions, you are invited to provide your perspectives and input in relation to how difficulties you may have experienced in your thinking skills impact your life, relate to your other symptoms, and are dealt with by your doctors. Thinking skill difficulties encompass things like brain fog, or difficulties in being able to remember information, concentrate, plan, problem solve and pick up on social cues (for example, facial expressions) in the environment.

The survey also asks about what research you think researchers should be doing to better understand thinking skills in those with mental ill-health. Participating in the survey gives you an opportunity to contribute to influencing the direction of research in this area and the way in which thinking skill difficulties are recognised and treated.

This VISIBLE survey was designed in collaboration with lived experience advisors and is led by researchers from the Mood Psychosis Spectrum Research Group (MPSG) at The University of Melbourne in Australia. It can be completed by anyone aged 18 or older experiencing depression, bipolar disorder and/or a schizophrenia spectrum disorder around the world.

Participation is voluntary and anonymous. You can find out more by contacting the MPSG team at

or reading the information sheet/accessing the survey here:

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