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Bipolar Disorder Course

Thank you for completing the free e-learning Bipolar Disorder course.


Bipolar Australia created this course to help families and carers of people with bipolar disorder to learn about this complex illness and to facilitate an open communication with the person you are caring for.  It also aims to provide you with ideas of things you can do to take care of yourself. 

Bipolar Australia is asking for a few minutes of your time to help us evaluate the effectiveness of this course. The funding bodies base their support on the outcome of the projects.

Your comments are very valuable to us to continue producing quality material, courses and publications. There are no right, or wrong answers, please answer the questions honestly, according to your experience.

This survey will give Bipolar Australia relevant data to inform Government the effectiveness of empowering families, carers and everyone affected by bipolar disorders. Collaboration and inclusiveness are the posts sustaining our cause.

Bipolar Australia collects all data according to the Privacy Policy.

To say thanks for your feedback, you'll receive an email with a course completion certificate and badge.


Bipolar Disorder Course Feedback Form

The course was organized in a manner that helped me better understand Bipolar Disorder.

Well Organised
Very DisatisfiedDisatisfiedOKSatisfiedVery Satisfied

The course workload and requirements were appropriate for the course level.

Appropriate Level
Very DisatisfiedDisatisfiedOKSatisfiedVery Satisfied

The materials were valuable and appropriate to the goals of the course.

Met Goals
Very DisatisfiedDisatisfiedOKSatisfiedVery Satisfied

The course helped me to better understand Bipolar Disorder.

Increased Knowledge
Very DisatisfiedDisatisfiedOKSatisfiedVery Satisfied

The course gave me the confidence to discuss Bipolar Disorder with others.

Very DisatisfiedDisatisfiedOKSatisfiedVery Satisfied

Overall, this course met my expectations

Met Expectations
Very DisatisfiedDisatisfiedOKSatisfiedVery Satisfied

I would highly recommend this course to other students.

Very UnlikelyUnlikelyNeutralLikelyVery Likely

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