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Welcome to Bipolar Australia

Bipolar Australia is the peak organisation representing everyone affected by bipolar disorder, including people with the condition, carers, friends and the dedicated professionals who help us all.

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Find places where you can access help and support regarding Bipolar Disorder.

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What is Bipolar?

Bipolar Disorder is a serious life long mental health condition which features pronounced mood swings. The condition was formerly known as manic depression.


Raise community awareness about Bipolar Disorder


Provide broad-based education programs regarding the condition


Promote a positive understanding of bipolar among health care professionals and service providers


Encourage the formation of bipolar support groups

Bipolar Disorder Course

It is our great pleasure to introduce our free e-learning course developed by Bipolar Australia, designed to help you learn about the definition of bipolar disorder, how it is different from other illnesses, how to identify the different types of bipolar disorder and their key signs and symptoms, treatments including diagnosis, medications, therapies, mood tracking & wellness plans treatments, as well as the role of carers, family and friends in Bipolar Disorder management. We hope you enjoy the content.

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