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About World Bipolar Day

World Bipolar Day is celebrated each year on March 30th, the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, who is widely believed to have suffered from bipolar disorder. The event is coordinated by the International Bipolar Foundation on behalf of participating organisations across the globe.

In Australia, Bipolar Australia aims to use World Bipolar Day to help bring the good news about recovery to people affected by the condition, and to educate the community about bipolar. We believe encouraging people to seek out help, and working to eliminate social stigma, will together bring about our core goal of making recovery possible for every Australian with bipolar disorder.

Our core initiative is Blow Bubbles for Bipolar, which gives everyone affected by the condition a fun and easy activity that can be used to celebrate the occasion with colleagues, friends, and family. We chose bubbles because people with bipolar who become manic are often described as “bubbly” personalities, while watching the bubbles crash back down represents the depressive phase of the condition. The recovery journey that people embark upon when they get help is symbolised by the rainbow that can be seen when a group blows enough bubbles together.

Bipolar Australia’s commitment to World Bipolar Day predates our foundation. In March 2014, members of the by then defunct Depression  and Mood Disorders Association, the precursor to Bipolar Australia, gathered in suburban Sydney to distribute information about Bipolar Disorder in 20 languages, prompting discussions which then led to our formation a few months later.

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