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Tornare a casa con il libretto bipolare

Ti consigliamo di fare clic sull'icona Schermo intero sulla barra degli strumenti in basso per avere la migliore esperienza di visualizzazione. Se preferisci leggere il libretto in cinese, clicca qui .

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Feedback Form

The Booklet’s content is clear and simple to read   

Clear & Simple
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The Booklet gave me the confidence to help loved ones

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The Booklet provided helpful ideas for Carer's seeking self-care

Helpful Ideas
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Have you read the planning ahead directives (page 31) with your loved one, and did you design a personalised plan to follow in the case of a relapse?

Planned Ahead

Overall, this Booklet met my expectations

Met Expectations
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I would highly recommend this Booklet to others

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Do you give permission to Bipolar Australia to publish this feedback online for promotional purposes?


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